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The use of the operators MEL and the relation with the operator in case of a defect that cannot be rectified at the line station should be addressed.

Aircraft bonding b Construction methods of: Refer Para D9 for further details on aircraft maintenance certificates.

In the following unforeseen cases, where an aircraft is grounded at a location other than the main base where no appropriate certifying staffs are available, the organisation contracted to provide maintenance support may issue a one-off certification authorisation: The release to service has to be performed by the AMO in accordance with its MOE procedures which should be specified in the contract.

PCAA would need to conduct a detailed assessment of the standards and requirements against which the original licence was issued, which may require cooperation of the concerned issuing regulatory authority.

The operator should ensure such data including revisions is readily available to the operators continuing airworthiness management personnel and those in the sub-contracted organisation who may be required to assess such data.

Regulation Appendices physical size of coil, permeability of coil, position of coils with respect to each other; Lenz's Law and polarity determining rules; Back emf, self induction; Saturation point; Principle uses of inductors; 3. The scope of this Module should reflect the technology of aeroplanes pertinent to the A2 and B1.

Table of Contents AMC This is only a requirement for exercising the privileges ANO. This Airworthiness Notice will be applicable to all candidates interested in conversion or validation of their foreign AME Licenses.

List of Effective Pages II. The groups shall consist of the following: Two passport size photograph in uniform with white background D4.


This includes both Mandatory Occurrences and occurrences related to maintenance findings, which fall outside the Mandatory scheme. For category C obtained through the academic route: Personnel who carry out any other specialised task shall be appropriately qualified in accordance with officially recognised Standards by PCAA.

Release to service documentation. All applicable revisions shall be implemented immediately under intimation to Airworthiness Directorate. Elements of theory of stress, strain and elasticity: A familiarization with the principal elements of the subject.

The type of aircraft subject to the maintenance contract must be specified. Technical Records Maintenance f. Amendments to the text in ANO are issued as amendment pages containing revised paragraphs, following NPA adoption. Participants in a Solicitation The directors and executive officers of Liberty Interactive and GCI and other persons may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies in respect of proposals to approve the proposed transactions.

2 Pressure Vessel Hand Book_Magesey_10th Edition-Eugene F Megyesy

In addition, upon request, the maintenance organisation shall furnish certifying staff with a copy of their record on leaving the organisation. The reviewing inspector will thoroughly evaluate the application and workout equivalence of the foreign licence with appropriate category of ANO AML.

M 10 PIA Aviation Legislation

A category C Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence shall permit the holder to issue certificates of release to service following base maintenance on aircraft. Original licence verification letter from the license issuing authority. In order that PCAA may be satisfied that a good communication system exists between the Operator and the AMO, the terms of the maintenance contract should include the provision for a certain number of meetings to be held between both parties.

Regulation Appendices The applicant should understand and be able to use mathematical formulae related to the subject. AWNOTAWXX dated 26th April - Civil Aviation Read more about materials, resistant, airworthiness, aircraft, aviation and interior.

30/09/ ANOAWRG (c) Personnel requirements The maintenance training organisation should have a nucleus of permanently employed staff to undertake the minimum amount of maintenance training proposed but may contract. GM on a part-time basis.A.

GM AWNOTAWRG dated 17th March - Civil Aviation Read more about aircraft, airworthiness, definition, interpretation, certificate and defined. Ontario Department of Lands and Forests: Resource Management Report Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Official Report of Debates (Hansard) Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal Annual Reports Ontario Sessional Papers my_virtual_library Proclamations and Orders in Council passed under the authority of the War Measures Act Ontario.

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