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The Court of Appeals then issued a resolution [34] denying the application for a writ of preliminary injunction. Puno that whatever doubts may have lingered on the issue of probable cause was dissolved when no less than the Court of Appeals sustained the finding of probable cause made by the respondent Judge after an evaluation of the Joint Resolution.

T is void for lack of jurisdiction over his person. Disclosure of the documents in question is resisted with the claim of privilege of an agency of the government on the ground that "knowledge of EIIB's documents relative to its Personal Services Funds and its plantilla.

Tongoy by his co- owners were only simulated, under circumstances giving rise to an implied or resulting trust whereby Luis D.

In Webb, this Court assumed that since the respondent Judges had before them not only the page resolution of the investigating panel but also the affidavits of the prosecution witnesses and even the counter-affidavits of the respondents, they judges made personal evaluation of the evidence attached to the records of the case.

Search This Blog Javellana vs. Tongoy for the same purpose; Note: Plaintiffs also pray for such other and further remedies just and equitable in the premises.

Tongoy dated November 5, Exhibit 'BB-1' is very significant, the tenor of which is quoted hereunder: It is of no consequence, pursuant to the same article, that petitioners, the Guiang spouses, executed on August 21,apparently in ratification of the impugned agreement, the deeds of sale covering the two lots already referred to and that petitioners actually received in part or in whole the money consideration stipulated therein, for according to the same Articlecontracts contemplated therein, as the one We are dealing with, "cannot be ratified nor the defense of its illegality be waived.

A second motion for reconsideration filed by petitioner Beltran was denied by the Secretary of Justice on April 7, It specifically ruled that "it had acquired jurisdiction over the person" of Oria and that the judgment was valid as to him.


No formal action to this effect was taken until January 7,when General Order No. The other two registered co-owners, namely, Francisco Tongoy and Jovita Tongoy, were survived by children. When the mortgages were constituted, respondents Cresenciano Tongoy and Norberto Tongoy were still minors, while respondent Amado Tongoy became of age on August 19,and Ricardo Tongoy attained majority age on August 12, As found by the Court of Appeals in its resolution of 1 Julya copy of the Joint Resolution was forwarded to, and received by, the trial court only on 22 April Cho Jan Ling, 19 Phil.

As a matter of fact, the suit was pursued to finality up to the Supreme Court which affirmed on July 31, the decision of the CFI giving the PNB the right to foreclose the mortgage on Hacienda Pulo. Q as of 19 May In this sense, the aforementioned requirement has modified paragraph 4 a of Circular No.

In the first place, there can be no objection to this procedure because it is provided in the Constitution itself.

It must have been fully aware that, pursuant to Crespo vs. It is anchored on erroneous premises. This was backed up with the threat of the possibility that the workers would lose their jobs if they pushed through with the rally. Javellana vs Executive Secretary This entry was posted in COMELEC Constittutional Commission Constitutional Law 1 Justiciable Question and tagged Political Law 1 on October 28, by Morrie Oct 24,  · pinoy case digest, digested cases, case digest, case digests, philippine digested cases, digest case pinoy.

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Commissioner vs Makasiar GR 79307 29 August 1989

Feb 17,  · Abella vs Municipality of Naga Case Digest Facts: The Municipality of Naga, by a resolution, closed a road which ran through the public market and Abella’s property and used the closed thoroughfare to expand the market.

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Jul 05,  · Planas vs. Commission on Elections Case Digest (Consti-1) was implemented by RAapproved on 24 Augustpursuant to the provisions of which the election of delegates to said Convention was held on 10 NovemberMakasiar and Antonio voted to uphold the validity of said Decree.

Soliven V Makasiar Case Digest

(3) On the authority of the

Soliven vs makasiar digest
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